European Patent Office (EPO)

The European Patent Office is one of the two organs of the European Patent Organisation, the other being the Administrative Council. The EPO acts as executive body for the organisation while the Administrative Council acts as its supervisory body as well as, to a limited extent, its legislative body. The actual legislative power to revise the European Patent Convention lies with the Contracting States themselves when meeting at a Conference of the Contracting States.

Within the European Patent Office, examiners are notably in charge of studying European patent applications, filed by applicants, in order to decide whether to grant a patent for an invention. The patents granted by the European Patent Office are called European patents.

The current members of the EPC are:

Albania Lithuania
Austria Luxembourg
Belgium Macedonia
Bulgaria Malta
Croatia Monaco
Cyprus Netherlands
Czech Republic Norway
Denmark/td> Poland
Estonia/td> Portugal
Finland Romania
France San Marino
Germany Serbia
Greece Slovakia
Hungary Slovenia
Iceland Spain
Ireland Sweden
Italy Switzerland
Latvia Turkey
Liechtenstein United Kingdom

Validation states:

  • Cambodia
  • Morocco
  • Republic of Moldova
  • Tunisia
  • Extension states:

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Montenegro
  • Intellectual property office EPO
    Contact details Bob-van-Benthem-Platz 1
    (formerly Erhardtstrasse 27)
    80469 Munich
    +49 (0)89 2399-4500
    Time limit applicable for entry into the PCT regional phase 31 months from the priority date
    Time limit applicable for filing Conventional application 12 months from the priority date
    Language English, German and French
    Representation Foreign applicants must be represented by a European Patent Attorney
    Filing requirement
    • the name and address of the applicant(s);
    • a request for a European patent;
    • a description of the invention - preferably with drawings;
    • one or more claims to the invention, defining the scope of protection that you are seeking;
    • an abstract giving a brief summary of the invention;
    • a request for a search
    Power of Attorney Not required

    Source: Wikipedia and EPO